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Get to know the routes of Eastern Helsinki with a Fatbike. Fatbikes work well on all terrain. Rent your bike now and go on a tour!

Fatbikes have thick and fat tires and they are easy to ride on the dirt roads and trails. You can even ride on snow or ice. Fatbikes are just a lot of fun. 

Our Fatbikes have multiple gears, and they are equipped hand brakes. THE TYRES ARE NOT SPIKED. In icy conditions it is very slippery.

Location: Vuosaari

L size Fatbikes are suitable for cyclists between 180–195 cm.

How does self-service bike rental work?

  1. Rent a fatbike at www.naturaviva.fi.

  2. With payment confirmation you will get a personal PIN-code to open a smartkey box in Harbonkatu 13, Vuosaari

  3. Open the smartkey box using instructions sent to you by email. Open the bike storage with the key found in the box.

  4. Open the chainlock with the second code sent to you by SMS

  5. Close and lock the storage door and return the storage key back to the smartkey box. Enjoy fatbiking!

  6. Before your reservation ends return the rental equipment back to the storage by using the same PIN-code

  7. Return the key back to the smartkey box.